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Biochemistry department has full fledged staff, spacious undergraduate laboratory, well equipped post graduate laboratory, departmental library, seminar hall, demonstration halls and staff rooms as per NMC standards for 150 MBBS admissions.

Clinical Biochemistry, a part of central laboratory is situated in KIMS hospital complex. The clinical laboratory is well equipped with the state of the art auto-analyzers, electrolyte analyzers and ABG analyzers for performing all the routine Biochemistry, endocrinology immunology and emergency investigations.

The department has Post Graduate (MD) seats since 1999, with an intake of 2 students per year and so far 29 students have successfully completed the course. The department also has RGUHS affiliated PhD programmes and so far 3 students have successfully completed their PhD.

There is an emphasis on research activities, with students from other departments receiving assistance in their dissertation/thesis topics. The well-equipped clinical laboratory can also be gainfully used by interested students for furthering their studies/projects from across the institutions.

Biochemistry Department strives to impart Quality education and Lab service to mould medical students, Lab Technologists, Nursing staff into good health care professionals.

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HPLC Analyzer

Auto Analyzer

The clinical biochemistry section in KIMS Hospital has state of art fully automated modular integrated auto analyzers and HPLC analyzers. It is functional 24/7 and caters to all routine and emergency investigations. It adheres to stringent quality management protocol and has a tie up for EQUAS program with CMC Vellore.

Investigations of Blood chemistry parameters, Diabetic profile, Renal function test, Liver function test, Lipid profile, Thyroid function test, Tumor markers etc are available under the sections of Blood chemistry, Endocrinology / Immunoassays and Body fluid analysis. Facilities for processing of nearly 80 parameters are available.

The Department adheres to maintaining a good turnaround time of reporting the investigations for the benefit of patient as well as clinicians. The Department staff are available for clarification of reports.


Sl No.






1     Dr. Anil Kumar A S     Prof & HOD

2     Dr. Ravi B V     Professor

3     Dr. Anasuya M R     Professor

4     Dr.Harishekar M.B     Professor

5     Dr. Vidyasagar G.V     Associate Professor

6     Dr. Latha. P     Assistant Professor

7     Nachith .H.V     Tutor
8     Ms. Prakruthi G M     Tutor


  • Research activities have been done in collaboration with Jain University Bangalore with respect to anti-oxidant, thrombolytic and anti-inflammatory activities of Medicinal plants, the same has been published in two International journals.

  • The Department guides students towards STS ICMR projects. 03 students have successfully completed the projects with work related to polycystic ovarian syndrome, gestational diabetes and chronic alcoholism. Currently two students are pursuing the project work with topics related to salivary albumin and vitamin B12 in diabetes mellitus.

  • Dr. B V Ravi Professor & HOD has co-authored a book on “BASICS IN BIOCHEMISTRY FOR NURSING STUDENTS” along with Dr. H.H Sudhakar Professor & HOD Department of Physiology.

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Dr. Anusuya M R

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