MEU Hall 1

MEU Hall 2

The Medical Education Department aims to help the faculty develop the advanced knowledge and skills in principles and application of medical education and to attain a certain level of expertise in medical education for quality assurance of the basic course.

The purpose of medical education for the faculty is to improve their knowledge and skills in Medical Education and apply it for educational reforms

Objectives and responsibilities:

•Faculty development by holding Workshops

•Curriculum development (UG & PG) as per latest NMC guidelines.

•Coordinate & facilitate all NMC activities.

•Supervise/coordinate overall educational development of the Institute.

•Be able to promote self learning & reflective learning in classroom situations

Constitution of the unit

Chairman 1. Dr V T Venkatesha, Dean & Principal

Members    2. Dr . Nandini A.S, Associate Professor of Dermatology & Academic Registrar

3. Dr T. Jayanthi, Professor of OBG

4. Dr K. Jeyanthi, Professor of Anatomy

5. Dr Lakshmi Pandit, Professor of Psychiatry

6. Dr S.R. Niveditha, Professor of Pathology

7. Dr Veena Umesh, Associate Professor of Physiology

8. Dr K. Padmapriya, Associate Professor of Physiology & Student Welfare Officer

9. Dr Malathi T, Associate Professor of OBG

10. Dr Shubha R, Professor of Anatomy, MEU Co-ordinator

MEU Hall 1


MEU Hall 2

Facilities The Medical Education Unit is located at the third floor of Paraclinical block of college campus at Banashankari 2nd stage. It is housed in an area of 4000 sq ft and it has two adjacent halls. One hall is designed for conducting workshops and the other as a meeting hall. Each can accommodate around 30 participants.

The medical education unit is equipped with One Desk top enabled with internet and a laptop. The desktop has connectivity with printer and scanner. It has a multimedia projector and screen for projection and PA system with cordless mikes and Collar mikes.

Sl No.






1     Dr. V T Venkatesha     Professor, Dean and Principal, KIMS, Chairman-MEU

2     Dr. Nandini A S     Associate Professor, Dermatology, Academic Registrar

3     Dr. Jayanthy T     Prof & HOD, OBG

4     Dr. Lakshmi V Pandit   Prof & HOD, Psychiatry

5   Dr. Niveditha     Professor, Pathology

6     Dr. Veena Umesh B     Professor, Physiology

7     Dr. K.Padma Priya     Associate Prof, Physiology, Student Welfare Officer

8     Dr. Malathi.T     Associate Professor, OBG

9     Dr. Shubha R     Professor, Anatomy, Coordinator-MEU


RBMET Workshop in Progress


Participants of RBMET workshop

  • Conduct of Revised basic MET workshops as and when nodal centre directs

  • Conduct of CISP workshops as and when nodal centre directs

  • Conduct of Foundation course for 1st year MBBS students as per NMC regulations

  • Conduct Study Skills Workshop for First Year MBBS students

  • Conduct of Orientation to medical students when they start clinical postings

  • Conduct of Orientation to Interns before they start Internship

  • Conduct of orientation to Postgraduate medical students

  • Conduct of basic research methodology workshop for post graduate medical students

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