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The Department of Respiratory Medicine at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences is committed to the progress in the field of Respiratory medicine, teaching the next generation of doctors and improvement of respiratory health in our neighborhood and India.

We cater to the patients who are mainly hailing from in and around the southern districts of Karnataka.

The department was established in 2013, and PG courses were started in 2017, with 2 NMC recognized MD seats per year.

Under the dynamic leadership of our head of the department Dr Huliraj N, we are running a state of the art pulmonary medicine specialty center.

With the help of our young and energetic staff Dr Raghavendra MK and Dr Deepak Kumar, we are running one of the best PG residency programs in India, with regular PG and UG teaching programme, which are conducted five days a week.

Our postgraduates are active in presenting research papers and posters in national conferences and have won various prizes for the same in NAPCON 2020. They are also active in monthly Bangalore Chest meet where interesting cases and diagnostic dilemmas are discussed. We are actively involved in conducting monthly meets on recent respiratory updates and advances.

This is a complicating and challenging time for the people of India and the world, with emergence of COVID 19 global pandemic. It has brought the hard work and sacrifice done by our doctors in the backdrop of poor medical infrastructure to light. We as pulmonologists have been in the forefront of the fight against this deadly pandemic. We have treated both COVID cases and SARI cases with well manned 12 bedded SARI ICU.

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Bronchoscopy Suite


We have an excellent Pulmonary function test lab, which not only includes basic tests like spirometry and DLCO , but newer cutting edge technologies like Forced oscillation technique and FeNO. We also have a well-functioning bronchoscopy suite and sleep lab which has helped thousands of patients over the years in diagnosis and treatment of various respiratory ailments. In the soon future we will be acquiring a video thoracoscopy suite also.

We are especially proud of the comprehensive care provided to the patients in form of outpatient care, 30 bedded Inpatient care and ICU care, with one the best Respiratory ICUs in the district which are well equipped with ventilators, round the clock trained nurses and doctors. The doctors and post graduates are well trained in procedures like pleural tapping, inter coastal drainage insertion, lung biopsy, pleural biopsy, central venous catheter insertion, endotracheal intubation and bronchoscopy. We regularly collaborate with the other departments like cardiology and internal medicine in providing the optimal treatment to the patients.

We have the privilege of an allergy clinic, run by Preventive medicine department, where mantoux test, skin prick test, patch test, immunotherapy, autologous serum skin test, autologous serum therapy and autologous haem therapy facilities are available.

We even have our own NTEP (National Tuberculosis control programme) medical officer and lab technician, where regular screening, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis is done free of cost with a goal of elimination of TB by 2025. And we are well equipped with a 4 bedded MDR Tb ward.

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1     Dr. Huliraj Narayanaswamy     Prof & HOD

2     Dr. Raghavendra M K     Associate Professor

3     Dr. Deepak Kumar R     Assistant Professor

4     Dr. Anjali .G     Senior Resident



PG meet

State level quiz for undergraduate MBBS students was conducted on Tuberculosis by Department of Respiratory medicine and Community medicine at KIMS in September 2021 where the top finalists from the medical colleges across Karnataka participated and enjoyed the interactive quiz competition of TB and its new treatment strategies.


PG meet for all the exam going PGs of Karnataka was conducted in February of 2020 by the Department of Respiratory Medicine at KIMS, where various eminent professors in the field attended and guided the post graduates for the exams. Mock viva, case presentation and spotters along with other various discussions like chest X-ray , Pulmonary TB , ILD etc was conducted.

Dr Huliraj N

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Dr Raghavendra M K

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Dr Deepak Kumar R

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