Vascular Surgery

Dr. Ravikumar B L

Vascular Surgery super specialty department at KIMS was established in 2006. Dr. Ravikumar B. L. Prof and HOD of the department of Vascular Surgery, is an alumnus of KIMS and has helped it grow to a vascular center of learning and repute by performing thousands of complex vascular surgeries every year. The department trains residents and fellows interested in pursuing training in vascular surgical techniques.

One of the few vascular surgery departments associated with a medical college in Karnataka, it offers KIMS patients a gamut of surgical options for a wide variety of vascular problems- high risk aortic surgeries, carotid endarterectomy, hemodialysis access, diabetic foot surgeries, limb Saving surgeries like thrombectomy, femoral popliteal surgery, bypass surgeries for peripheral vascular disease, and vascular injury repair, varicose vein surgery among others.

Cutting edge endovascular surgeries and minimally invasive vascular procedures are also offered by the department. There is a state-of-the-art hybrid OT where patients can undergo procedures safely.

The patients of KIMS can now avail super specialty vascular surgeries in our own hospital without the need for transfer to other hospitals benefitting them significantly from a cost and mortality/morbidity standpoint.

The Vascular surgery department delivers evidence-based care with high rates of success and minimal complications. The department is serving our patient community with a philosophy of value focused making superior patient care affordable and reachable for the masses.


Dr Ravikumar B L



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