Neurosurgery & Neurology

Dr. Bhanu Chandra

Basic trauma care to major surgery. Brain and skull base tumor surgery. Awake craniotomy with neurophysiological monitoring. pituitary tumors. hydrocephalus. spine and brain vascular anomaly like aneurysm, avm, cavernoma. spine microdiscectomy, fixation and stabilization, scoliosis surgery. congenital spinal cord anomalies split cord malformation, tethering of cord. craniovertebral junction anomalies. occipito c1c2 fixation. chronic headache and back ache.


Brain and spinal cord tumor surgery

Treatment for neck pain and back pain

Upper and lower limb radiculopathy – SCIATICA

Spinal fixation surgery

Surgery for resistant and refractory epilepsy

Brain bleed

Brain aneurysm, AVM, Cavernoma surgery

Head injury management

Chronic SDH surgery

Chiari malformations, Atlanto axial dislocation and other congenital malformations at CV junction

Splitcord malformations, spinal cord anomaly

Trigeminal neuralgia and chronic headache

Brain abscess

Meningitis, meningoencephalitis, ventriculitis

Skull base tumors, acoustic schwannoma

Hydrocephalus. Ventriculoperitoneal and lumboperitoneal shunt surgery

Digital subtraction angiography DSA.

Disc prolapse or slip disc treatment

Demyelinating and autoimmune neurological disorders


Dr Bhanu Chandra M N

Visiting Consultant,Neurosurgery

MBBS, DNB Neurosurgery

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